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September Recap

Normally I prefer to have my recaps done before the month actually ends but the last couple of weeks ended up being incredibly busy and on top of everything else, I’ve started a new job. It feels like just about the time I get used to the routine around my house, something else changes. I’m enjoying the new job and the most recent changes, but adjusting to them has pushed my normal routines out a little bit.

For most of September however, I spent it organizing and world-building. I didn’t end up settling one one main project, instead bouncing around on lots of different  ones. Although it meant there wasn’t anything technically finished for September, I’m heading into the rest of the year with a solid foundation for some of my projects.

October’s projects are a little split. I have a second draft I’d like to finish, and towards the end of the month I’d like to do some NaNoPrep. I’m hoping to have my second draft completely finished out by the twenty-fifth or so.

How was your September?


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