June Recap

It’s hard to believe June is already practically over. I feel like I was just writing the May recap the other day and yet, here I am.

Last month I had a hard time staying focused, but since reorganizing this month I’ve been able to stay focused and feel like I made a lot of good progress. I also managed to finish a story I’ve had in edits for a while. As to what I’m going to do with Crimson and Gold remains to be seen thanks to the odd length, but I’m happy with it.

With July approaching comes another Camp NaNo. For me, that means hopefully getting some more edits done on another project, but thanks to a friend, I’ll also be away for two weeks on my own personal writing retreat. From this end of June it seems like the last half of the year is picking up in a positive way. Part of that might be that I’ve finally adjusted to the new ‘normal’ around my house.

How was your June?


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