Editing a Series

Although April is Camp NaNoWriMo, I chose not to ‘officially’ participate this year, even though I’d had the project for this month picked out since the beginning of the year, largely because I’m still a little wary of burn-out and diving back into Hero Stones.

Regardless of that fact, for the last two days I’ve been rereading, making notes and generally figuring how to go about editing an entire series. Initially when I started I thought doing a full outline would work, but I’m discovering that’s not quite the case.  Research hasn’t turned up a lot of fruitful results either.

Having spent the last two days fighting with a massive outline however, I finally hit the solution this morning: even though a series is larger than any singular book, the process hasn’t changed any. Within any novel during my early drafts there’s usually a chapter or two that needs to get taken apart and cannibalized by the others surrounding chapters. I kept looking at the series as individual parts, but they function much like chapters of any other novel I’ve written, albeit multiple times the word count of any other chapter.

With that in mind, I went back to the notes and started marking the individual stories that weren’t working. Knowing where those are now, for right now I’m skipping the outline to redraft based just on the notes.



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