March Recap

With how crazy March has been around my house it’s not too surprising to learn I fell a little short of getting any serious writing done. One of the major struggles I’ve had is readjusting my daily goals and how I measure my progress.

Perhaps because I didn’t have a set project for the month I took each post on the Written Vixen as a mark of progress. I was still writing, even if it wasn’t on a longer or cohesive piece. And I have done a little work on some of my smaller projects, though sadly I can’t say that I’ve succeeded in actually finishing anything (yet). A lot of what I’ve been able to do has been just a few sentences. It’s been exceedingly frustrating to go from finishing an easy twelve thousand a week to less than five thousand, and I have a lot of respect for the writers who can juggle a full schedule and still write a full story every month.

With the end of March approaching however, I do feel like I’ve learned a little more about what to expect and what sort of goals to set for myself. I’m looking forward to Camp NaNoWriMo in April.


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