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Conflict: Versus Machine

Like some of the other forms of conflict, Man versus Machine does feature external conflicts. Unlike the other forms however, man versus machine is unique in that this particular type of conflict can pop up in two types. One, is quite literally man versus machine: the attempt to destroy the machine. The other is the struggle to keep up with constantly advancing technology.

Interestingly enough, this particular form of conflict also has roots in commentary and cautionary tales. As technologies advanced, many stories have arrived cautioning against relying too much on machines. In that manner, stories of versus Machine can have traits of versus Society in that they challenge new societal norms.

Although it might seem as if this is limited strictly to science fiction, versus Machine is actually really versatile as a conflict. It can also apply to modern drama and the changing dynamics, especially as technology becomes more and more integrated into the daily life. Man versus Machine also works nicely in thrillers where a large component might be in attempting to track down a piece of digital information, or to hide it as the case may be.



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