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A Recap On January

With January now behind us, the year has well and truly begun. This year I didn’t make any solid ‘resolutions’. Instead what I wanted to do this year was organize my time a little better and to hone my art skills a little more. There’s also smaller goals too: for one, I want to write more short stories, rather than larger projects.

Ironically, the art and scheduling have gone hand in hand. I realized about a week and a half in that a huge part of the problem was that I wasn’t making the time to actually work on the art pieces I wanted to, unlike I do with my writing. Skill takes practice to acquire, and that means making time for it.

I’ve been trying to dedicate my weekends to writing short flash pieces. Although they’re all in a notebook at the moment I’m happy with several of them and looking forward to getting them typed up and edited.

All in all I think January has been a good month. The year has started off well and I’m looking forward to see what else it brings.


Dealing with anxiety and totally unprepared to be an adult. Writing and drinking coffee. You can check out my works on my blog, the Written Vixen, connect with me on twitter @WrittenVixen, or check out my Patreon. I'd love to hear from you!

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