Plot: Faulty Judgement

In many ways, a faulty judgement scenario is very much like mistaken jealousy. However, in the case of faulty judgement the focus may be on the actions that need judging, rather than the outcome. You can check out the other plot scenarios here.

  • A judge passes blame onto the victim instead of the guilty as a result of error or interference.

This is another plot scenario that has a lot of roles to fill. However, in the case of faulty judgement, the guilty party might also be the cause of that interference or error. In some cases, you may want to include a fourth person as a source of that interference or error to give yourself some room for character motivation and growth.

Because the act of passing that faulty judgement can easily become your climax or resolution this fits in as a main plot nicely. It’s vital that the reasoning behind the judgement is clear, meaning the act itself can easily become either your climax or your resolution.

The caveat to that being that faulty judgement can also be used as a springboard to help launch other plots–you’ve already seen mistaken jealousy as one of them, but think about scenarios like revenge, petitioning, imprudence, deliverance and repentance. In this case, the act itself works nicely as an inciting incident and as a minor plot.



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