End of the Year

With the end of 2018 approaching (and the end of December) it’s time to take stock of what’s done and what’s coming up again this year.

Things Done:

137 Posts here on the Written Vixen.

1 book self-published via amazon’s direct publishing.

2 new projects started, one of which I want to start showing next year.

Things Not Done

I wanted to have a second full-length novel completely edited by the end of this year, but didn’t quite get there. That’s one thing I definitely want to work on in 2019, is streamlining my editing process.

I also didn’t finish my blog series on plot scenarios. That’s partially research, partially time constraints and partially lack of motivation on my part. Plots are hard, and breaking each scenario down is also hard.

Things for Next Year

First off is finishing that scenario series. I’m not far from wrapping that up.

For the blog, I’m also looking to start posting more short stories (once a month at least, if not twice). Hopefully this helps not only with the graphic design and cover work I’m learning, but also in figuring out where in my editing process the time-consuming snags are.

Writing-wise, I’m definitely keeping that full-length novel goal front and center. I’d really like to get a second novel ready to go and start shopping it around. I’m also looking to get Hero Stones completely drafted by the end of January.

What are your plans and goals for 2019?



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