Finding Lost Inspiration

With the holidays and my bout of burn-out, I ended up taking a little more time away from Hero Stones than I’d anticipated. That meant a large portion of the inspiration I had for it had vanished. Although it was something I suspected would happen when I decided to take a break, I’d been half-hoping my muse wouldn’t wander off to places unknown.

Thankfully, finding inspiration again isn’t too hard, even if you have a dozen other things to do (hello holiday season, you’re looking busy this year). Even if you only have a few minutes, there’s a lot of ways to rekindle that lost spark.

Music is especially useful. Really think about the sort of music that would suit your story–be that a sweeping symphony to go with the massive, magical war you have planned, or a heartfelt love song your Main Character and Interest might have playing when they triumph over every obstacle. Maybe it’s a foreboding opera every time your villain walks into the room. If there’s lyrics to the song, think about which character those lyrics might apply too.

Art and Imagery is another way to get your creativity going again. If you’re not particularly artistic yourself, try creating a collage of images you feel fit your story (this can be done in basic programs like Paint). Of course, if you are on the artistic side, create an image from your story–this might be character references or even pictures of some of your settings.

Write some fluff or filler scenes to help you find the flow of the story again, as well as to help you create more realistic characters. These can be things like a day in the life of your Main Character, a cute moment between your favorite character couple, or even sibling squabbles. Keep in mind that these scenes don’t actually have to happen in the story either, their purpose is to help you get back into the flow of the story.

My biggest piece of advice however is to reread your favorite scenes. Sometimes the scenes you had the most fun writing are the ones that can kick start more ideas and more inspiration for you. A word of warning though, this might lead you to the temptation to edit what you have written already. Although that in itself isn’t inherently bad (especially if you’re trying to find the inspiration to edit), if you’re just trying to finish off a piece, too much editing can lead you into an endless cycle of fixing what you’ve already written without much progress going any farther.

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