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NaNo ’18: Day 30 (Finale)

I’m one of those kids that’s always afraid to admit they’ve finished the test early, but here we are at the end of NaNoWriMo. I’m finished and have been for a few days. I still have a little bit left to write before I can consider Hero Stones finished and I think I want to rework the series title, but overall, I’m fairly happy.

For right now however, I’m taking a short break from it to switch off to my other project. I’ve pumped out close to fifty-five thousand words and I can feel burn-out approaching. A couple weeks off before I finish off the last three or four pieces is probably for the best.

That however, does mean it’s time to seriously consider December’s goals. For one, get a title for my current project is a definite must. For two, I’d love to finish off the last of Hero Stones (and maybe start working out cover concepts for those, since I’m not sure they’ll fit well in any traditional markets).

As for the blog…I have a couple of short stories I need to post here! Just have to dig out my camera and find a couple of little things to get the header images put together. Unfortunately what was supposed to be a short story has decided it wasn’t content staying short, and is now sitting in my ‘to be expanded’ folder.

How did NaNo and November go for you?


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