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Plot: Murder of an Ally

Most often, this appears as the murder of an unrecognized ally, but this doesn’t always hold true. If you’d like, you can also check out the other plot scenarios here.

  • A slayer harms the ally.

While it’s pretty cut and dry, the fun part of this particular scenario is just how twisted it can get. Although the most common form of this is the murder of an unrecognized ally (a la undercover cops, unknown family relations and etc.), it takes an interesting twist when you have someone who’s actually driven into a situation where murdering their ally is a practical solution. If that’s the case, look at why that would be necessary and what leads up to your victim’s death.

A tiny disclaimer: this isn’t one I see all that often, but I do see it frequently as a plot-driven staple.

The events leading up to or immediately after the ally’s death are often a good focus for main plots. Minor plots may be more suited to focusing on the aftermath, and the reveal of the whodunit aspects.



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