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Plot: Obtainment

Obtainment as a plot scenario is related to daring enterprise, however unlike daring enterprise where the main focus is retrieval of that object, obtainment focuses heavily on why each character wants this particular item. You can check out all of the plot scenarios here.

  • A mediator negotiates between a solicitor and an adversary over a desired object.

Notice here that there are four major roles to fill in. Also note that depending on how you play out your obtainment plot, you may not need a mediator at all. Similarly, the object in question might not be an object at all, but rather the same goal–say a job position, or the love of a particular person. The trick with that is only one person can ultimately have that desired thing.

Regardless of whether it’s a main or minor plot, obtainment may not play particularly well with McGuffin-styled items. That is, the reason why this particular thing is so important and or desirable holds a lot of support, so simply having an item there to fill in the gap may not work. In this case, you might have some room to work symbolism into your plot.


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