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Plot: Abduction

One plot scenario that definitely relies on character motivations is the abduction plot. Whether a main plot or a minor plot, motivations here are key to making this particular scenario work smoothly. You can find some of the other plot scenarios here.

  • A captor takes the abductee away from safety.

An interesting thing to note about the roles here: your ‘safety’ may be a person, place or thing. In some cases it might take the form of someone trying to rescue the abductee. It could also be a place, such as the location your abductee was taken from, or the location your abductee is trying to get in order to get help from. As a thing, it also might be what allows your abductee to finally break free or find themselves help. There are of course, choices of where to place your point of view character. Are they the abductee, seeking to escape? Or do they need to rescue the abducted? Perhaps they’re they captor themselves, with their own very good reasons for doing what they do.

As I mentioned, regardless of major or minor plot, the motivations here are key. What reason does your captor have for taking this person specifically? What makes the abductee so important that any person filling in the role of rescuer is willing to go the lengths they need to to get the abductee back? And, what reasons does your abductee have for fighting your captor? What reasons might they have for aiding them?


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