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What the Ferret Teaches Us

Ferrets are amazingly agile and flexible little creatures. While they’re also energetic and enthusiastic about their play however, they’re deep sleepers. There are also very few things they can’t or won’t get into in the name of curiosity. Even something as mundane as under the entertainment center provides an opportunity to uncover something exciting.

Much like the ferret, go ahead and dig out the mundane and explore it. Write side scenes you know you’ll cut later just to give your characters a little slice-of-life flavor. It can help uncover new avenues of backstory, conflict and motivations.

And like our friendly ferret, remember to be flexible, especially while drafting. Even what seems like the most solid plan can fall apart if you find a new and more interesting area to explore. Flexing to accommodate new ideas can help keep your enthusiasm for a story alive.


Dealing with anxiety and totally unprepared to be an adult. Writing and drinking coffee. You can check out my works on my blog, the Written Vixen, connect with me on twitter @WrittenVixen, or check out my Patreon. I'd love to hear from you!

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