Exercises, Prompts

Exercise: Warning Label

If we were all forced to wear a warning label, what would yours say?

Although the question itself seems broad and might have more than a few humorous answers, it’s a question I found myself pondering not that long ago while procrastinating on the internet. In actuality however, the question serves to force us to look deep and hard at ourselves when given a serious thought.

Turning it from ourselves from our characters however, it also helps with character development. While we might not like to admit that our own warning labels would say things like ‘consumes too much caffeine’ or ‘extremely uncomfortable in social settings’ it gives us a chance to examine our characters, to see what makes them dangerous and what makes them vulnerable.

So as an exercise, go ahead, make a label for them! For a little bit of fun, go ahead and make it like a laundry label. Include the ‘contents’ such as their heritage in percentages. You might also want to include ‘care’ instructions for humor. Finally, the warning itself. Try to write these in vein of the same things you find on furniture (i.e. ‘this article is known to the State of So and So to…).


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