Healthy Habits for Writers

Writing itself is both a form of great entertainment and a monumental task. Sometimes it’s also easy for writers to forget to take care of themselves while nurturing and caring for our stories. Just a couple of small habits can make our health easier to manage while we craft our next great tale.

Hydration is an easy one to overlook. While we might think we’re drinking plenty throughout the day, take a moment to think about what you’re drinking. If your answer is something with a lot of caffeine (I know I’m guilty of that one), remember that caffeine itself is a mild diuretic. You may want to try adding in a water to your writing routine, or adding in a few more fruits or vegetables to your diet to help keep your liquid levels up.

Taking Breaks from the screen or from the paper is also another habit most writers can benefit from. It’s likely we spend a lot of time either scribbling our notes down or staring at the cursor, which can lead to eyestrain and cramped muscles. Taking a short break to let our eyes rest and get a little natural light or stretch in between writing sessions is a good way to prevent strain.

Other People are also a vital part of being a writer. Often, the act of writing is itself done alone which puts writers at risk for mental illness such as depression and anxiety. To combat this, don’t forget to reach out and connect with other people. Catch up with friends both new and old regularly.


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