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Plot: Daring Enterprise

The daring enterprise plot is a classic and a common staple of many adventure stories and even a few fantasy epics as well. While versatile in genres, it is also well-suited to plot-driven stories. You can check out some of the other plot scenarios here.

  • A leader overpowers an adversary in order to take an object.

Although there’s not a lot of space for characters, their roles within this plot are fairly clear cut which makes it ideal for plot-driven stories. As a leader the character’s goal is to get a hold of the object. As an adversary, the goal is to protect the object and keep it out of the other’s hands.

As a main plot, this particular scenario focuses heavily on the act of overpowering and the steps taken to get that object. In this case, the object might be little more than a McGuffin used to help drive conflict.

When used as a minor plot however, it can take a back seat to character development and becomes more of a background objective for a character in their arc. This forces the object to have a very good reason for being desirable, and often forces your characters to have a deeper motivation for getting into a conflict with their adversary.


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