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Plot: Conquest

In itself, conquest is usually a pretty simple plot that relies heavily on obstacles. The key to it is the scale of what’s at stake. You can read about some of the other plot scenarios here.

  • A power seeks to control or dominate an area through force.

The power in question is usually one of authority and has the means to provide the force necessary. The area they’re attempting to control has some value to them, and can often be a place where your characters come from, which may give them the goal of defending their home. The force in question may also be a good place to put your characters, as conquest often involves military campaigns of some form.

Even as a main plot, it’s often relegated to the background. Instead of bringing the goal of domination to the forefront, conquest plots often focus on the obstacles in front of them and what characters are doing to try and help or hinder the conquest. This makes it useful for plot driven stories.

As a minor plot, it can provide flavor to world building as well as help inform political and social climates. It also can give you a reason for a variety of characters to work together.


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