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Plot: Pursuit

Pursuit is a simple plot structure as far as how it breaks down and what it’s about. This makes it easier to mix and match with other plots. You can check out some of the other dramatic scenarios here.

  • A fugitive flees punishment for a conflict or misunderstanding.

With pursuit as a plot, there’s not a lot of space for characters. True, there is someone to mete out punishment, and there is a the fugitive, but the spaces and roles are fairly clear and well defined. The fugitive must be pursued by someone or something, but that does not automatically mean you need to have that someone or something as anything more than a threat.

Thankfully, pursuit meshes well with other plots such as deliverance, or revenge. As a main plot, you might focus more on what your characters do to avoid the punishment. Keep in mind too that that punishment might not be a true punishment at all–the horror genre is a broad and excellent example of twisting the pursuit plot into one of survival.

As both a main and minor plot, pursuit is heavily driven by character actions, rather than their motivations.


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